Stock Photography Modeling

What is Stock photography?

Pictures of everyday people doing everyday things just about everywhere.

Do I have to be a model?

No. The most important thing is that you are confident and feel good about yourself. The best stock models are happy and healthy people with a positive attitude.

Do I have to do anything icky?

No way! We are talking G rated family content!

Do I need experience? 

No. Some of my best selling images are from models doing their first stock photo shoots.

Can my kids model?

Sure, kids are great stock models. A parent will have to sign a release. 

What does it pay?

Well that's a tough one. the profit margin on stock photography has plummeted. It usually works out best to trade services. We take great shots, I use them on stock sites and you get to keep digital copies for your personal or portfolio use. I am an easy going guy so if you want portraits or other non stock stuff, I will shoot that free of charge, as long as I get time and cooperation shooting the stuff I need. 

I don't want the pictures, but I can model and I need a few bucks. Can I get paid?

I do pay a very low fee if you don't want or need the images. It is on a case by case basis and there is a test shoot to be sure your images with produce an ROI, it isn't done that often though. Sorry!

Kyle, I love your work and want portraits, but I don't want them on the internet. Do I have to worry about my images going on a stock site?

I am a traditional portrait and portfolio photographer, we can make arrangements at industry standard rates for your portraits, just let me know. Your images can not be posted to any stock sites unless you sign a special release and give explicit permission. you have control of that. 

I am trying to get noticed will this help? 

Yes. You can copy and paste links to my work on your site. Some of my models have told me they have gone for auditions and been recognized by their stock work.

Whats the next step?

Just shoot me an email and we will set up some time to talk.